Printing presses manufactured by our company print all kinds of monotypes, rotogravure and combined techniques and technique of typographic printing, for example wood cuts, wood engravings and lino cuts.

We also produce lithographic presses.

We produce solid metal tables with laminate boards for storing paints and papers for presses from board sizes of 50 x 100 cm and up. The tables have two wheels on their legs and one leg is height-adjustable. The tables are strong enough to support a weight up to 300 kg.

We also supply the presses with a non-woven soft felt with a thickness of 6 mm.

The weight of our machines is in ranges from 40 to 150 kg. The press plate is made of high-quality brown plastic called Polystone. There are side guides for the plate, provided by nylon rollers from a plate size of 40 x 100 cm,. The upper cylinder is ground and chrome-plated. The diameter of the upper cylinder is 154 mm. Lead screws of the roller have rifling 1 mm, it means that by rotation 1x around you will lift or put down the height of the roller by 1 mm. Optionally you also can divide a millimetre to thirds, fourths and alike. A big advantage of these screws is the fact that with a small force you put on a high pressure. It is - along the excellent parameters of the gear drive - a big advantage. Even small children are able to spin a small wheel without bigger effort on bigger presses. There is a measuring line on both sides. This is for easier adjustment. 

The presses with a cylinder width of 100 cm are made of a new, reinforced construction.

We are also able to make customized presses as customer's wishes.

We produce lithographic presses only with the plate size 70 x 100 cm.

The standard color of our presses is silver. For an additional fee, it is possible to paint the presses with paint according to individual customer requirements.

30 x 80 cm 40 x 100 cm
50 x 100 cm 60 x 100 cm
70 x 100/160 cm 80 x 100/160 cm
100 x 200 cm lithographic press 70 x 100 cm
Chain transmission

For presses with a plate width of 60 to 100 cm, we can install a chain transmission. This eliminates the problem with adjusting the press on the other side when the plate is too wide. At the same time, the press can be placed almost against the wall, when saving space in the room.

Motor drive

We have developed a motor drive for professionals. We recommend it especially to experienced printers who print a large number of graphics daily. We are able to mount this motor on all types of presses and additionally on presses of our older production date.

Service and repairs of older machines are commonly made by our company. We do not recommend repairs from other companies due to bad experience.

Transport of presses is individual. There are three options - own transport, transport by our company, or a professional transport company. For professional company, there is a special packaging. In the case of own or our company's transport, special packaging is not required.

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